Information for people interested in puppies from our kennel

Do you like our breed? Yes? We are realy pleased by it! Welcome to this section, where you can get further inforamtion about the manner of running of our kennel and about the communication with us.

Just a short repeating, that we have been breeding the swiss hounds since 2007. Our experience with this extraordinary, friendly and noble breed is very rich. Up to now (end 2016) we have had 11 litters. We continue to be in the contact with the most of owners and     they are comming often back to us as our friends and/or for a second puppy.

Rearing of our puppies

And how does it work at our kennel? The puppies are for first twenty days with their mommy in the birth room, where the constant temperature of 25°C is kept. The temperature has the fundamental impact on the successful development at the beginning of their life. It contributes to a regular weight growth, because the puppy can use his energy completely for the growing and doesn’t need it for the warming of himself. The third week is very important in their life, because we move them to our human living room. As you surelly can imagine, this step is very significant in puppies life due to the start of the correct socialization and it forms the basis for their whole life. Since that moment they have been meeting the people, next dogs, new sounds linked to the common family surroundings. The puppies, as all of us, need to have a well self-confidence for have possess a balanced character and for be happy in the life.

I’m lucky, that I can work from my home and thus I can keep a close eye on all puppies activities and if needed, I can „ragulate“ them a bit. The puppies are feeded regularly, they are in the cleanness and generally I provide them with my permanent loving care. At this moment, I would like to point the fact, that the next members of our pack start to be their educators too. It means for me to keep the role of a supervisor only. The new owner thus has a certainty, that he will get a healthy, cheery, courageous and already partially house-trained puppy.

Just few words about the nourishment. It has to be of a high quality and it has to be regular. I give to our puppies 4x par day super premium granules with the adding of meat can without any chemical aditives and without any soya. I do recommend to continue this high-quality nourishment because the period of rather fast growth of your dream puppy is comming.

How to book?

Do you like our big-eared beaus? Do you like pictures, stories and pleasures which our owners are experiencing regularly? You are welcome to write me or to call me! Any communication – written or by phone – will be answered! You are also welcome to visit us! I’m conviced that the best way for the meeting, for the understanding and for the seeing the conditions at our kennel is to come and to check it at the place. You will get your own idea about our kennel and you will have the certainty that your puppy comes from a high quality and full of the love breed.

It becomes a rule, that some puppies are booked before their birth and the future owners have in this case the entitlement to a priority choice. I try to help with the choise for find the most appropriate puppy – male or female, character, coloration, body form etc. I base on my long-time exprience, nevertheless I do not have any magic crystal ball 
In the case that your choice is done and confirmed, we DO NOT ASK for any advance. Everything is based on our mutual trust – the trust between me as a breeder and between you as a future owner. We do not have any negative experience with such approach.

Adoption of your puppy

The time is running, your are looking forward to your puppy and the day of departure is approaching…According to the breeding codex, the puppy can leave his mother at the earliest on 50th day of his age. There is no problem with a later departure from our kennel, I can be forthcoming thanks the kennel’s facilities and my home office working.

And how the puppy is ready and equiped for his life in a new family? All are treated against worms – 3rd, 5th and 7th week. We never had any problem with any parasite at our kennel, it’s due to the general quality and cleanness of our breeds and facilities.

First vaccination is scheduled for 6th week and in the same moment the puppy is getting his chip. We do use exclusively the high quality chips meeting the ISO requirements 11784 and 11785. According to feedbacks from our owners, there is no problem with chips at abroad – f.e. in Slovakia, in Austria, in Slovenia, in Switzerland, in Russia, in Germany and in Finland too.

Each puppy receives the internaltional pet passport, the purchase agreement and the written manual called „How to take care about your puppy“. In this manual, you can find there suggestions about the nourishment, nutritional supplements, the hygiene and about the first help in case of ana health problem and about the first steps in education.

The FCI pedigree is sent as soon as we have it from our Cynological Union.

And last but not least, each puppy receives the starter pack with some feeding, a toy and a small blanket with known smells – it helps him to facilitate the transition to new surroundings.

Exhibitions – yes or no?

You just have received a lot of information and maybe you still have back in your mind the question about exhibitions…Don’t worry! Often the people ask me - can we book a puppy even when we are not interested in exhibitions? Yes – of course! It’s not our priority or even our condition! Our goal is to find for our puppies loving families and ensure for them a happy life!

It’s easy to understand, that I’m pleased, when our puppies are successful at exhibitions. So if the owner takes the decision to exhibit his dog, I’ll help him with my recommendations and I’ll help with the training.

I believe that after the reading of all previous lines you have a clear idea about our kennel. I let you have a look into my thinkings and into my breeder’s philosophy! I have the only one interest – to ensure happy lifes for our puppies in loving and satisfied families. The frank communication is for us one of our basic values too!

You can think, that it is an exotic race, but the most important finding is, that the swiss hounds are amazing familial companions. They will give back to you everything what you will give to them!

Please write to us or call to us and let us to guide you through the cultivated world of swiss hounds!